A Little About Me: How I Became a Makeup Artist

Hi guys! Hope you enjoy my blog. This is my first post, so please bear with me :)


Do YOU want to learn about everything that is skincare and makeup? Well, you have come to the right place!! Even, if you don't want to buy a service from me, hopefully it will be an entertaining read and you'll perhaps learn some key tips about your skincare and makeup routines!

But... before we get into all of that, I want to introduce myself in order for you to understand who I am and how I came to be here.

It's always a risky thing trusting somebody you found on the Internet, especially if that somebody is going to be doing makeup on you. Rest assured, you are in trusting and capable hands, but it is not enough for me to just say it, I want you to know that you can trust me with your hair and makeup.

So here it goes...

It all began in high school, freshman year I believe. My friend needed help doing the hair and makeup for a middle school play, so I offered. I mean she did most of the "harder" stuff since it was my first time ever doing anything makeup or hair related. So, she gave me mainly background characters to work on. I remember curling a girl's hair (super difficult, I know lol) and my friend goes, "Oh wow, you're actually really good at that. Her hair looks amazing." Or... you know, something along those lines.

Anyway, it was my first sense of validation that I could actually do anything relating to beauty. I mean, it really was a shock to me since I had never really curled my nor anyone else's hair before. I continued to help her for that play and other plays after that. However, I didn't really think about doing hair and makeup professionally until I went to college.

In my second semester freshman year, I took a "Fundamentals of Stage Makeup" class, which I just took on a whim. It was from that class that I realized that I was actually pretty good at makeup and could potentially make a career out of it. My final for that class was Two-Face from Batman. I used a bald cap, various paints, tissue paper, and latex to create the look. I'll eventually have to show you all the picture, but for now the description will have to do.

Anyway, I never thought I could pull anything like that off. Honestly, with the materials and time that I had to do it, I was incredibly impressed with myself and so, it seemed, was the professor. I received the highest grade in the class and received a note from the professor praising my work. Not to toot my own horn, but it made me feel great and it was one of the main reasons I decided to pursue makeup professionally. I never would have done it if it weren't for that professor. So, Professor Hogg, wherever you may be, I thank you for your kind words and praise. I wouldn't be where I am without you.

So... With the help and support from my parents and friends, I decided to pursue makeup professionally once I had graduated from college, where I received a B.A. in Psychology and Criminal Justice.

After graduation, I came back to Los Angeles.

In that August, I went to an esthetician's school in order to learn more about the skin. To me, it made sense to learn about the skin before going into makeup since the skin is the base of all makeup. It is a makeup artist's canvas. The more we know about it, the more we can care for it and protect it from any potentially harmful ingredients that could come into contact with it. Now, there are more skin-safe and environmentally safe ingredients in makeup, but not all of them are. If you guys are interested, I will dedicate another blog post to skincare. It is honestly one of the most underrated routines in people's daily lives. Sorry, soap and water just does not cut it, people. Skincare does not have to be difficult, but honestly, it is worth the extra five minutes in the morning and evening. Believe me.

Anyway, the takeaway from this is that skincare is important! With that, I became a licensed esthetician.

Now, on to makeup school!!

Once I was there, I learned everything from beauty and hairstyling and airbrush to avant garde makeup and editorial makeup to Photoshop and Zbrush to character and special effects makeup. Literally, everything, but squished into a seven-month program. So we went through things very quickly and it was a very stressful and impactful seven months.

The great thing about the makeup school I went to, though, is that I can retake any class for $50 if I felt like I didn't have a grasp on a certain concept...which is amazing! I am actually considering retaking a Zbrush class because I loved it that much. It combined creative design/character work and computers. I loved it. I made a miniature dragon using the 3D printer that the instructor had. By retaking these classes, you may have a different instructor with different methods and different knowledge, so it allows you to gain multiple perspectives and techniques. To me, that is the best way to do it. With all of that knowledge, you can truly find a technique or style that works for you. That's when you can brand yourself in a way that is geared towards that technique or style.

With all of that said, I have gained so much knowledge and insight into professional makeup artistry. I can safely say that I have finally found my brand and I can't wait to share it with you.

In my next post, I will tell you all about my career and my brand!! Stay tuned!