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More About Me and My Brand!

This picture, here, is one of my really good friends, Andrew. He's a fashion stylist. You should check him out on his website by clicking on the photo! :)


I'm sharing this photo with you now because I want you to understand my brand. I am about expression in all forms. I want to portray my story, my feelings, my emotions, and, ultimately, my brand.

This makeup was completely improvised. I just painted what I felt and everything came together perfectly. Interpret this how you like and let me know how this makeup speaks to you.

Obviously, not all of my makeups look like this, but I thought this just best expresses me and I just love it so much.

When I do this type of makeup, when it is more avant garde or editorial or even special effects, it is how I express myself. You become my creation, my masterpiece, like a piece of art. You are my canvas. This type of