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More About Me and My Brand!

This picture, here, is one of my really good friends, Andrew. He's a fashion stylist. You should check him out on his website by clicking on the photo! :)


I'm sharing this photo with you now because I want you to understand my brand. I am about expression in all forms. I want to portray my story, my feelings, my emotions, and, ultimately, my brand.

This makeup was completely improvised. I just painted what I felt and everything came together perfectly. Interpret this how you like and let me know how this makeup speaks to you.

Obviously, not all of my makeups look like this, but I thought this just best expresses me and I just love it so much.

When I do this type of makeup, when it is more avant garde or editorial or even special effects, it is how I express myself. You become my creation, my masterpiece, like a piece of art. You are my canvas. This type of makeup gets my creative juices flowing. If you enjoy having your face painted, please let me know and we can schedule a session like the picture above!!


Not only is this expression about me, it is also about you. When I'm doing beauty makeup for you, the client, I want you to feel beautiful in your own skin, knowing that you truly feel and look like you.

Recently, I was on a hike with one of my best friends, who is also a director/producer/actress. Quite literally a triple threat. Anyway, she was telling me how one of the actresses on a web series we were filming told her something about the makeup I did. I nearly started crying from how moved I was. When she said that, I felt like I had found my calling, so to speak.

This actress told my friend, "This was the first time I actually looked like myself in front of the camera." That is the BIGGEST compliment a makeup artist can receive, at least to me it is. Anyone can paint a face to make someone look completely different. To me, the more natural the better. I don't want to change anything about you. I just want to enhance your already-beautiful features. That is what makeup should be about.

And that is my brand. I want to promote you! That's it. Nothing else. I want you to be as you as you can be!!

Hopefully that sounds good to you and you stick around for more! If you want to book a service, please head to my "Book Online" tab. Please stay tuned for more content! Next, I'll talk about stereotypes of living in Los Angeles as a makeup artist. See you next time!! :)


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